The people

Elisabetta Mambelli

Designer and majority shareholder of the DOUUODKids maison. Her clear vision is reflected in the brand’s strong identity and modern, understated style.

Day after day, season after season, she creates with enthusiasm and natural talent a very clean style of clothes, known for its dusty and neutral colour palette, soft natural fabrics and precious details, there to enhance the great beauty of children. She has a forward thinking creative capacity for new trends, she researches ideas and novelties with a unique and simple charm. For many years, Elisabetta has been team working with her people who passionately take an active part in the growth of the company.

Elisabetta believes in family values, her source of inspiration and vital energy. She is very proud of her origins and of her ‘place’ in the world – the most beautiful corner of the Romagna Region in Italy – where she manages her business as if it were a piece of art and with the same passion of her father, an art collector. Elisabetta cares for a smile and will always find the time to engage with her clients during her day’s work, while intently involved in her design studio, full of vibrant colours, fabric archives, books and inspirational storyboards.


Whatever your child will be wearing today, 
choose it with a sense of beauty and simplicity.

Il team

The people at DOUUODKids daily share an unwritten code:

  1. respect above all
  2. everyone’s point of view
  3.  aspire to constant improvement

This team has become a big family, working together for many years and sharing a great sense of style in clothing. Aware of how much everyone’s effort can make a difference, staff’s talent is encouraged and valued, so each member is involved in a defined way
Elisabetta Mambelli is the first person to recognize her team’s talent and doesn’t miss an opportunity to do so:

…I could not have done this by myself. Behind a shop window, there is so much work, sacrifice, excitement, talks, laughter and understanding. So I thank the mums and children – our customers – but also you, my special staff, who day by day share enthusiasm and hard work at DOUUODKids, it’s in your heart and soul! We all want to keep up the good work, because this is our passion.

A strong and inspired team, capable of great things together..